624 plays Fighter Plane (Dance Edit) [Demo] Ellie Goulding Fighter Plane


Almost done! Just need to master some things and maybe add some more stuff. Sorry for such the long wait guys!

(FYI: The drum stems I’ve used for this is “Supernatural” by Kesha.)

Ellie Goulding   Criminal Damage

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Ellie Goulding

Halcyon Days - The Remixes

Released: 27th May 2014

Format: Digital Download (Beatport Exclusive)

Track List

  1. Anything Could Happen (Alex Metric Remix)
  2. Anything Could Happen (Almighty Radio Remix)
  3. Anything Could Happen (Birdy Nam Nam Remix)
  4. Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)
  5. Anything Could Happen (Butch Clancy Remix)
  6. Anything Could Happen (Chris Massive Remix)
  7. Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix)
  8. Anything Could Happen (Submerse Remix)
  9. Anything Could Happen (White Sea Remix)
  10. Burn (Ellie Goulding vs. Aybsent Mynded) [Aybsent Mynded Remix]
  11. Burn (Citizen’s Late Nite Dub)
  12. Burn (Lovelife Remix)
  13. Burn (Magic Man Remix)
  14. Burn (Mat Zo Remix)
  15. Burn (Maths Time Joy Remix)
  16. Burn (Tiësto’s Club Life Remix)
  17. Explosions (Gemini Remix)
  18. Figure 8 (Breakage’s Crenshaw & Adams Mix)
  19. Figure 8 (French Fries Club Mix)
  20. Figure 8 (The Alias Club Mix)
  21. Figure 8 (The Alias Radio Mix)
  22. Figure 8 (Xilent Remix)
  23. Goodness Gracious (Chainsmokers Extended Remix)
  24. Goodness Gracious (Chainsmokers Remix)
  25. Goodness Gracious (Honest Remix)
  26. Goodness Gracious (Josh Butler Remix)
  27. Hanging On (Ahadadream Remix)
  28. Hanging On (Draper Remix)
  29. Hanging On (Sigma Remix)


M4A 256Kbps

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923 plays Anything Could Happen (Stems Preview) Ellie Goulding Halcyon


Recently I remembered I had these and I decided to try and clean them up, and try to get rid of the noise that were in them when they leaked. Well, I was able to basically get rid of the noise! Have a listen and enjoy!


Hopefully one day they leak in full and in high quality!

769 plays How Long Will I Love You (Dry Lead Vocals) Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days (Acapellas)


DIY Dry Lead Vocals of How Long Will I Love You



939 plays Every Time You Go (DIY Acapella) Ellie Goulding Bright Lights (Acapellas)


Enjoy :)


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okay so I really liked the coloring of the blue in my July 4th edit so I’m posting it up alone because unf its beautiful

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